Ağva Piazza Otel

Welcome to Agva Piazza Hotel

Our hotel has the feature of being both by the sea and the river, Agva Piazza Hotel, located right in the center of Ağva, provides service with its rooms with jacuzzi and fireplace.

Ağva Piazza Hotel is located at the most beautiful point of Ağva town of Şile district, the apple of the eye of Istanbul.

Our hotel is located on the Black Sea coast, by the Yeşilçay river. Piazza Hotel is located just 50 meters from the sea and riverside. Our rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. Our hotel is within walking distance of all natural and cultural points of Ağva.

Ağva Piazza Hotel offers its guests a peaceful and quiet holiday experience. The hotel is intertwined with nature and offers its guests the opportunity to have a holiday in an environment surrounded by fresh air and greenery. The hotel also offers various activities and entertainment options to its guests.

Agva Piazza Hotel is approximately 1 hour away from Istanbul. The hotel offers various options for transportation to Istanbul, such as by air, road and sea. The hotel also offers a private transfer service to its guests.

The highlights of Ağva Piazza Hotel are as follows:

  • Modern and comfortable rooms
  • Amenities such as mini jacuzzi pool in some units, central location, proximity to the sea and river, and restaurant
  • Location close to historical and cultural sites
  • Peaceful and calm environment
  • Various activities and entertainment options
  • Close distance to Istanbul

Ağva Piazza Hotel is an ideal option for those who want to escape the chaos of Istanbul and spend a peaceful holiday. Our hotel has set the goal of providing an unforgettable holiday experience to its guests.

Home description: Make a reservation in our hotel, which offers an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its rooms with Jacuzzi and fireplace, by the sea and the river, among Agva Hotels.

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Welcome to Ağva Piazza Hotel

It is in the center of all the beauties of Ağva. Our hotel is located 50 meters from the beach, at a point that can be considered by the river. Our hotel, which has a nice square in front of it where children can have fun, is also close to many restaurants, cafes and shops. Agva Piazza Hotel will be a great choice for those who want to spend a wonderful holiday in Istanbul. The hotel has a stylish and modern design and offers every comfort. If you are having trouble choosing between Ağva hotels, you are at the right place, book now and have a good holiday.